Baby Movements - What is baby doing in there?

Most women will feel their baby move for the first time between 18 and 22 weeks of their pregnancy. This is counting from the first day of their last menstrual period. These first movements are known as "quickening".

Don't be alarmed if you are further along in your pregnancy and still haven't felt your baby move. Some women won't feel movement until later on, while others are feeling the baby kick, but just don't realize what the movements are just yet!

What are those strange movements and feelings?

Tips: Help Feeling Baby

You are more likely to feel baby if you are laying down and relaxing.

Drink a glass of juice and lay on your side! Still can't feel baby? Try putting a small amount of pressure on your lower abdomen with your hand.

Quick Facts:

  • Babies start moving at 7 weeks
  • Rarely, some pregnant mothers won't ever feel movement
  • Moms in their second pregnancy can feel the baby's movements sooner than those in their first pregnancy.

Those Strange Movements Late in Pregnancy

Powerful kicks, mysterious bruises, muscles spasms, cervix grinding, and something that looks like it's straight from the movie "Alien"? Yep! That's baby.

As you progress through your pregnancy, your baby's movements will become more powerful and can be viewed through your stomach. Along with the kicks becoming more powerful, you will notice other movements that seem very strange.

Feels Like... Baby is Spasming

When you first feel this, you might get scared - it feels like baby is having a seizure inside of your womb. Fear not! This feeling is absolutely normal.

Feels Like... Baby is Grinding Against Your Cervix

This can be quite painful! When you first feel your baby rubbing against your cervix, it may shock you as to how painful, sharp, and quick the pain can be. This is just baby kicking, punching, or moving up against your cervix and is normal.

If your baby is in the head-down position and you are late in the pregnancy, you may feel the baby's head darting around against your cervix - this can be because your baby was peacefully sucking his or her thumb and lost their gripping - he or she then darts their head from side to side in search of their thumb!

You may also feel as though your baby is poking through the cervix at times. Rest assured that it is probably just a sensation caused by a sudden increase of pressure on your cervix. This unusual feeling is common and, assuming no baby parts are in your vagina, is normal.

Is That Your Uterus Twitching?

Chances are, that is your baby hiccuping. It can feel like a muscle twitch in your uterus and yes, it can be an annoying feeling, so don't feel guilty about thinking that way! Sometimes, these bouts of hiccups can last for a very long time, so don't worry if it carries on for a full 20 minutes!

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