X Forts

X Forts is a Canadian-based company providing fort building kits, that are strong enough to hold blankets and customized fort covers


Hey fellow Canadians! It looks as though the demand for a subscription box in Canada has been increasing as the year goes on. I’m thinking I might keep an eye out to see how man of you would be interested in a subscription box for children?

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I’m so excited to tell you all that I have found the toy I will be using in January’s premier Butin Box!

The toy is… How shall I say this. Flying with excitement that is sure to keep coming back ūüėČ

Most important of all, the toy is made in Canada by a very excited¬†entrepreneur. I can’t wait to pack up January’s Butin Box and share this person’s hand made creations with you! Hand made eco-friendly, made in Canada, lots of fun for anyone regardless of physical limitations… Yes, this one is certainly a winner.

It’s going to be hard keeping this one a secret until after the boxes are shipped out in January!

Butin Box is Canada’s first children’s subscription service. We’re launching Butin Box in 2013 with a quarterly box which is shipped addressed to your kiddo and is filled with many goodies! Something to play with, something to wear, and something to eat. The box features quality Canadian-made items, newsletters for kids, as well as coupons and promotional codes.

January’s Butin Box only has 30 subscriptions, so please make sure to reserve your Butin Box now before spaces run out!

January’s premier box will be geared towards children in elementary school! Ages 5 through 10.

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Your Daily Dose of Adorable

July 26th, 2012

I love Etsy for bringing us so many shops that we’d otherwise not have. Check out Jacki’s adorable plushie creations. Seriously, they are adorable. I’m not usually a fan of plush toys, but I kind of want one of everything she makes.

See her website here.

Two Peas in a Pod, anyone?

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Barbie’s Personal Stylist

July 12th, 2012

Muriel is a Canadian designer who specializes in little ladies. Barbies to be exact.

I found her website while looking for Canadian made toys. Her work is pretty impressive! Apparently, she even hosted an art exhibit showing women through the ages, using Barbie as her model.

Check out her website here: Sabrina Designs By Muriel Ito http://www.members.shaw.ca/sabrinadesigns/Sabrina_Designs_by_Muriel_Ito/Welcome.html

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I love the Internet for bring the world to our fingertips. Although it makes it easy to shop all over the world, it also makes it easy to shop locally! Check out this awesome directory, listing hundreds of Canadian companies:

http://www.trulycanadianmade.com/ Truly Canadian Made

This website will certainly make this year’s Christmas, birthday, and other shopping seasons much easier. Keeping it in Canada.

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Cool toy company… Zing!

July 7th, 2012

I might have to swallow my words in saying that all products in the Butin box will be Canadian, because I just happened across Zing. They make some pretty awesome toys and are based out of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Check out all these fun summer toys! http://zingtoys.com/brand/zing-air 

Sling shots, cross bows, bows, projection guns in the style of Nerf… My goodness, I never had these awesome things as a kid. I’m jealous!

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