Newborn Poopies - What to Expect in Breastfed Babies

Thier poops barely stink, but man! That gas is deadly!

The colour, consistency, smell, and amount can tell you a lot about the health of your baby. Unfortunately, a lot of people are misinformed on the topic of baby poop - even some doctors aren't up to par with bowel movements, since so much has changed in how we understand the breastfed baby.

Let's take a look!

The Colour of Baby Bowel Movements!

Yellow - In the beginning, your baby's poo may look yellow. Fear not, this is perfectly normal in newborns. Most newborns will have Jaundice to some degree.

Brown(ish) - Around 3 weeks of age, your baby's poop may turn to a more brownish colour. This is just a sign that your baby is coming out of Jaundice.

Green - Either mommy's eating a lot of green vegetables, or baby is just drinking a lot of foremilk. If baby's poop is mucussy/slimy and green, chances are your baby is getting more formilk than hind milk. This isn't necessarily an issue, but formilk can cause your baby to be more gassy than usual. To help fight this, try offering just one breast at a feeding.

The, Um, Texture of Your Baby's Poop

Stringy/Slimy - If your baby's poo is stringy/mucosy, but isn't greenish in colour, your baby may be fighting off a cold. Don't worry, though - most kids will go through multiple colds before they're a year old. It is always a good idea to make a trip to your baby's doctor when he or she is sick. Even though it is normal for a baby to contract a cold, it can mask other illnesses. Better safe than Sorry!

If your baby's poop is slimy and green, as we mentioned under the "Green" colour, it's probably just from your baby eating more formilk than hindmilk.

Chunky or Seedy - You may notice that your baby has white chunks in their poop that looks like seeds. This is perfectly normal!

Really Thick - If your baby stops pooping for a day or so, their next poo might be very thick looking. Since the waste product spent a long time in the large intestines (where the moisture gets absorbed into the body), the poo will have thickened up.

Runny - Your baby is on a liquid-only diet, so runny poops are too be expected; however, if it is accompanied by the tell-tale smell of diarrhea, take your baby in to see his or her doctor and offer him or her lots of nursing sessions to keep them well hydrated.

Amount of Poopy!

My Baby Hasn't Pooped in xx Days!

This is Just a Guide

Always, always check with your doctor about your baby's health. This article is just meant as an informative article which is not to replace your doctor.