10 weeks Into Your Pregnancy

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Your embryo has upgraded to a fetus! Fetus actually means "little one".

All About You and Your Body!

Your body is doing so, so much work! Poor mom! You may feel very tired and moody. Thankfully, the second trimester is just around the corner and most women will become more energized during the second trimester.

Notice a little pink in the sink? Don't worry - during pregnancy, your gums soften from the hormonal changes. Now is a good time to go in for a dental checkup - the health of your teeth is just as important as the rest of you.

You might notice that your skin is becoming blotchy as the pregnancy hormones take over your body. Ask your doctor about what products you can safely use.

All About Your Baby

Your fetus' tail should now be completely gone and the little one resembles a little shrimp, roughly measuring between 1.25 and 1.68 inches, head to bum.

The most threatening malformations are now behind you as the nervous system and organs have already developed or have started to develop.

So much is happening this week! Your baby's eyes have moved from the sides more towards the middle of his or her head. Its eyelids are no longer transparent.

Inside that little head of your fetus, taste buds and tooth buds are starting to form along with the soft pallet. Its neck muscles are developing and a skull is starting to form.

A clitoris forms and ovaries start to descend in females, while their male counterpart's testes begin producing testosterone.

Testing out its new limbs, your baby may start kicking its legs... Though, you may not feel it for another 10 weeks.

His or her fingers and toes are almost completely out of the webbing by the end of this week.

What Should You Do Now?

You might be in for your first prenantal appointment, though most doctors will wait until week 12.

If you do go in for a prenatal exam, keep in mind that it is very hard to find a heart beat with a simple doppler device, since your uterus is more than likely still hiding behind your pelvic bone!

Keep up with those prenatal vitamins and your folic acid intake.

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