6 weeks Into Your Pregnancy

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Many lucky women will still be symptom-free at this time in their pregnancy. For a lot of women, now is when morning sickness first begins - hurrah!

All About You and Your Body!

A lot of women (not all) will start to get their first symptoms of pregnancy.

For those of you experiencing morning sickness - don't worry! A majority of women suffering from morning sickness will bid it farewell in the beginning of the second trimester.

Help Combat Morning Sickness!

  • Eat saltine/crackers
  • Never let your tummy go empty!
  • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day, instead of larger meals.
  • Ginger tea, or ginger-flavoured snacks and drinks.
  • Sour candies have been known to help.
  • Suck on some Preggie Pop Drops.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • If you can't keep water down (and aren't suffering from diarrhea), drink sports drinks or flavoured water.
  • Slowly eat Whole wheat bread toasted with jam on it.

By this week, a lot of women have gained some weight. On average, women will gain 5lbs in the first trimester. Losing weight is actually normal, though! A few pounds is perfectly fine, but if you are concerned, do contact your doctor. Although some gain and some lose, other women might not have any change in their weight.

You might notice that your waist is begining to dissapear. Oh happy days - you're entering into the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" stage of pregnancy where your stomach grows in a manner that makes it hard to assume that you are, indeed, pregnant. Your uterus is roughly the size of a pear right now!

Your breasts are the next target - you might notice that they are very sensitive or sore. Some women find that even the slightest touch is painful - even their shirts brushing against their breasts can be sore.

All About Your Baby

Your baby's heart is beating between 100 and 140 beats per minute! Imagine that - your little bean's heart is beating all on its own :D

At this point, your baby is still an "embryo" and is between 2 and 5mm long. So tiny, but it sure has come a long way since last week!

Dark spots are beginning to form where his or her eyes and nostrils will be, and there are little 'pits' forming on the side of its head where the ears will be. Little buds are slowly forming for his or her arms and legs.

What Should You Do Now?

As the sensory system forms in the baby, it's important to take in your daily recommendation of folic acid. It's also a great idea to continue or start taking prenatal vitamins.

If you are throwing up more than three times per day or are having trouble keeping fluids down, please contact your doctor.

If you are spotting, try not to worry as this is a common occurance in pregnancy. It is still a great idea to call your doctor to keep them informed of the happinings.

Call your doctor to confirm the pregnancy if you still haven't. Keep in mind that most doctors won't schedule you in for your first prenatal exam until you are around 11 oe 12 weeks pregnant.

Information on this site is for research and entertainment purposes only. Although, content is considered correct, it is not meant to replace information from your doctor!

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