9 Weeks Into Your Pregnancy

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Welcome to the Third Month of your pregnancy! Hurrah!

All About You and Your Body!

During the 9th week of your pregnancy, you may be feeling fat, since your belly still isn't at the noticible stage and people still might not be in the know. Fear not, you will have many months of a protruding belly to show off soon enough!

You may notice that your sense of smell has increased dramatically and you may start getting food aversions with or without morning sickness.

Although your baby is growing at an amazing rate, you might not be in terms of weight. A lot of women will not gain weight in the first trimester and some may lose a few pounds. Don't worry if you have started gaining already, since every woman is truly unique.

Your hormones are still running the show, so you may notice moodyness or weepiness, much like that of PMS.

All About Your Baby

Your baby is anywhere between 0.9 and 1.2 inches tall now - crown to rump (head to bum). This is about the size of a strawberry... Speaking of strawberries... How are those cravings going? You may have already started craving the odd thing here and there :P

Your baby's arms and legs have grown longer since last week and their fingers look swollen in the areas where they are getting their 'touch pads'.

With your little one's nervous system developing, he or she might start moving around this week. Although, you can't feel it yet, if you were to take a look inside, you would be amazed at what's going on in there!

Baby's little mouth and nostrils are becoming more apparent and their little eyes are fusing shut with their brand new eyelids. They will remain shut until the 27th week of pregnancy (roughly).

At nine weeks, your little one is now a boy or a girl - their sex organs are forming. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see what it is until around the 20th week.

What Should You Do Now?

Continue taking your vitamins and folic acid... Of course!

Your mind might be a giant cloud of frantic questions... You're not alone! Not at all! Try searching for a message forum and find other women with the same due month as you.

Have you made your prenatal appointment yet?

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