Breastfeeding Products... What Do You Really Need?

Common Breastfeeding Products

There are a lot of products out there for breastfeeding mothers, but what do you really need?

When you are first starting to breastfeed, you won't need a pump, so we've left that out. If you are returning to work, planning on going out, or have to be away from your newborn(s) for longer than 3 or 4 hours, then you may want to invest in a pump.

The products listed on this page are products that most women "Couldn't have lived without" during the first weeks of breastfeeding.

Suggested Breastfeeding Products

Lansinoh (or other nipple) Ointment

Why You Will Want It: Breastfeeding hurts. No one will deny that! While you and your new baby are learning to latch properly, your nipples can take quite a beating.

Sore, cracked or bleeding nipples love to be lavished with Lansinoh (or like) ointments. They are digestible, so you can apply it to your nipples without having to wash it off before your next feeding.

The cream is heavy, so it stays on and soothes your nipples and helps them to heal.

Disposable Nursing Pads or Reusable Nursing Pads

You Will Need These... When your milk comes in... Boy does it ever come in! You will need nursing pads to help prevent yourself from leaking milk onto your clothing.

Until the muscles in your breast get used to your milk supply, you could face embarassing leaks. You can use reusable nursing pads, disposable nursing pads, or Lilypadz.

Like with normal pads, make sure to change the pads often to avoid the possibility of bacterial growth!

Breast Shells

Not everyone will need breast shells. If you expect to have or do have sore nipples, breast shells can help relieve the pain by allowing your nipple to be free of friction and applying a soothing level of pressure against the breasts.

Breastshells are also good for releiving engorgement temperarily.

If you have flat or inverted nipples, you should definitely invest in a pair of breastshells, even if you are still pregnant! Breast shells apply pressure on the breasts, while gently pulling the nipples out. Wearing these a couple of times per day for a few weeks, for around 10 minutes each time, you can help to correct inverted or flat nipples.

Receiving Blankets

I always kept 2 or 3 handy while breastfeeding during the first few months. This isn't just for baby; it's also for mom! While you're breastfeeding, you may start off with a very hyper let-down response... To put it bluntly, while baby is eating his or her share from one breast, the other may look like Niagara Falls. Keep a few receiving blankets handy for yourself to catch the river as it flows ;)

Beastfeeding Pillows...

Although these are handy, unless you're getting a really amazing deal on a breastfeeding pillow, save yourself the money. You can pick up a body pillow at cheap superstores or just use extra pillows and blankets you already have laying around your house.

Avoid! Nipple Sheilds

These should only be used under the watchful eye of a lactation specialist. Do not use these on your own - they can confuse your baby's latch, and reduce your milk supply greatly.

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