12 weeks Into Your Pregnancy

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Is that a pregnancy glow I'm seeing? It might just be! Renewed energy and a slow down in morning sickness is common in the 11th week of pregnancy.

As you enter into the 12th week, you are hitting a milestone. At this point, the risk of miscarriage lessens, so kick your feet up and try to relax!

All About You and Your Body!

Your fatigue might slow down this week and your energy levels may be back up again.

As your blood volume increases, you may notice that you are more lightheaded and you may experience some headaches. Remember to stand up slowly in order to avoid sudden dizziness.

Some lucky women may notice a dicrease in morning sickness this week!

If this is your second pregnancy, you can expect to start showing soon. If this is your first, you may not show for a while, since your ab muscles are still strong and will hold the uterus back a bit longer.

Yuur uterus is about the size of a softball at this point and is beginning to emerge from behind the pubic bone.

All About Your Baby

Your little one is between 2 and 2.5 inches long and may weigh up to 14 grams.

Your baby is starting to swallow, absorb and discharge fluids! Its digestive system is practicing its movements.

His or her little hands are now complete with growing fingernails!

What Should You Do Now?

Most women can expect to have their first prenatal examination today. Some lucky moms to be will hear their baby's heart beat for the very first time at this visit!

Keep taking those prenatal vitamins! If you can't keep them down, try taking half of one directly after your breakfast and the other half after you're done eating dinner.

Some women say that they found it easier to take a vitamin that is lower in iron. If you decide to take a vitamin that is low in iron, remember to eat your greens!

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